ByltAx Sports Fest

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(May 2018)

Along with the 14th year celebration of the founding of the company. The ByltAx family were treated to a challenging sports fest which included Billiards, Basketball and Volleyball.

ByltAx Celebrates 14 years

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(April 2018)

ByltAx Systems Inc celebrates YEAR 14.  And together, we will continue to grow and keep on moving forward.

ByltAx Christmas Party 2017

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(December 2017)

An eventful Christmas party with the ByltAx employees from all departments gathered together last December 7, 2017 in Center Stage, Pasay. From the karaoke and dance performances to the dinner buffet and raffle giveaways  ByltAx with the slogan theme for the event being “Moving Ahead 2018” made the night fulfilling and enjoyable for the ByltAx family as we continue to move ahead to the new year

ByltAx Quality Assurance

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(October 2017)

ByltAx Systems Inc is proud to open a unique service under customer management; Quality Assurance, which takes attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production. To satisfy and provide world class service to our clients.

Client Meeting

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(September 2017)

ByltAx along with our new Japanese client put together a great meeting that was seamless. The whole meeting was put together in just over 3 weeks, which is a tight timeline on our side, but managed to make it successful with a great final product.  With Clients all around the world we continue to provide excellent support for our complicated series of global meetings from the planning through execution. When and where ever we have a meeting, our team are enthusiastic, professional, pleasant and very accommodating.

ByltAx Rocketgate Team Building

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(August 2017)

Byltax has always believed that strength is in unity  and because of this the ByltAx Rocketgate team came together to Calamba, Laguna for team building activities.

ByltAx Anniversary

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(April 2017)

ByltAx team celebrate 13 years of being the epitome of professionalism. Delivering quality to our clients on a daily basis. This is why we believe our greatest asset is our team of employees.

Marketing Campaign

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(May 2016)

We have launched our new marketing campaigns! Mr. & Mrs. Hillerstam have gone to the U.S. and Europe to meet with interested and prospective clients for Byltax. Along with that, our marketing team has started work on our campaigns from our home base. We can’t wait for our new clients to come in!

Server Room Upgrade

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(April 2016)

We just wanted to let everyone know that we have upgraded our servers. Along with the expansion in the new office, we are slowly making more improvements to our facilities. We will be moving forward with even more improvements.

Client Visit

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(February 2016)

This month, we had the pleasure of being visited by our clients. During the time they were here, we were able to meet and discuss the teams, their performance, and any improvements that can be done. Meeting with our clients has given us new perspectives and we are excited for what’s to come.