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Customer Management is how we help you maximize your business potential and how we take care of your clients throughout the whole customer life cycle. We offer front office and back office services customized not only for you to gain new customers but also for you to keep your existing customers.


We do more than customer service. We deliver an outstanding customer experience that reinforces and differentiates your brand in the mind of your customers.

Whether we are answering a product question, taking an order, processing a return or exchange, or solving a problem of any kind, we always make sure your customers feel respected, served and cared for, and that we exceed their expectations for the interaction.

Every brand has a personality of its own, and one agent may be better suited to representing it than another. We have developed proprietary recruiting, training and management processes that get the right people representing the right brand, in the right way.

We support all of your customer service channels, 24/7, every day of the year – including voice, live chat, and email. We also provide support in multiple languages such as English and Swedish.


The quality of your products and services are a priority to your business, but what about the quality of the customer experience? Whether you require agents for end-user questions or engineers for advanced technical support, we can provide specialized services to ensure a superior customer experience. 

Our Specialists have brand tech support down to a science. They provide multiple customer touch points, including inbound calls, live Web chat, and email – all with the voice of your brand.


You can be sure your customers will believe they are talking to your company when you outsource your order processing to us. We carefully follow your scripts and adopt your brand personality in all conversations to reinforce your image. We learn and use your own proprietary systems or any other commercial system.


With over ten years of experience on successful international telemarketing campaigns in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia..


We offer a wide variety of back office services that enables you to focus on your customers and your core business.

By dedicating a team of professionals’ possessing the exact skills you require for the task at hand we ensure to provide not only the best of quality but also a service level beyond expectations.

No matter the service you are looking for, we have highly skilled agents ready to support your organization, 24/7, every day of the year. Below are some of the back office services we provide:


Our team of dedicated anti-fraud analysts are available to respond right away. Transactions are analyzed individually using an advanced, customizable system performing real-time risk analysis, black/white lists cross referencing, etc. to attain low charge back ratio and low decline rates.